Holiday cashback offers

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Work, work, work, work, work. No, it’s not Rihanna’s song lyrics, it’s just an overview of how days go by for those who didn’t manage to go on a holiday yet.
For all those who have been tardy in planning their holidays or just got back from vacation but still don’t want to face the everyday routine, Cashbackireland collected this summer’s hot deals and saved you the trouble of having to search through hundreds of online shops.
What would holidays mean without a cocktail on a beautiful beach? Admit it, when answering to all that emails on a Monday morning, your mind craves for a relaxing getaway. With you can save up to 40% on beach escapes, receive 6% cashback and feel the sand between your toes while basking in the sun. Idyllic, right?
You know what would look good with that tan? A new outfit! Since summer sales are here, you can quickly refresh your wardrobe with Izabel London. They offer up to 70% off their summer chic items and 8% cashback on all purchases.
Don’t forget about protection! Our skin is very sensitive to UV light, so sunscreen is very important, whether you are on vacation or not. Fragrancedirect dropped the prices on sun protection with up to 65% off, so don’t miss this opportunity, especially if they also offer a cashback of 5%.
Our advice is to give yourself a time out and enjoy the peaceful and relaxing summer moments. Don’t let these sunny days go away without making the most of it!

Most appreciated gifts for Valentine’s Day



No matter your age or your opinion on Valentine’s Day, 14th February it is a good moment for you and your partner to spend some quality time together and forget about the everyday stress or work related problems.

Many of us tend to consider Valentine’s Day a meaningless trend that standardizes the idea of a couple. “What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?” it’s beginning to be an annoying question for some of us. The pressure of having to go out for dinner or buying a gift for your partner doesn’t enhance your love nor does it bring you more happiness or pleasure. But all these little gestures can sometimes help express a feeling and it’s also a great opportunity to surprise your loved one and put a smile on his/her face.

When it comes to presents, we all have our preferences that don’t always coincide. Studies have been made on this subject, and according to the National Retail Federation quoted by, a third of the interviewees prefer romantic dates, a quarter prefer receiving gift vouchers and the others would go for flowers (16.4%), watches/jewelry (15.4%) or sweets (11.7%).

Down the ages, there were some impressive gifts offered in the name of love. In 1557, for example, Diane de Poitiers received from Henry II the Chenonceau Castle. Romantism at its finest, but not all of us inherited such fortune, so it’s time be down to earth . Cashbackireland it’s a fan of diversity and we thought of every single one of you when we searched for some awesome bargains for this Valentine’s Day gifts.

If you want to offer your partner the ultimate romantic scenario, you should consider a trip to the city of love. There’s no need to empty your piggy-bank, with you can visit Paris from only €86. So, don’t forget the striped tee-shirt and the beret.

When your loved one doesn’t have a sweet tooth, you should refocus on something that reminds him/her of you for a longer period of time. L’Occitane displays a wide range of high quality beauty products on their site, inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. What is more, you will find delightful gifts for your Valentine starting from €18.

Flowers may sometimes seem stereotypical but it is the simplest way to say “I Love You”. This Valentine’s Day you can say it with Interflora. They thought of all the lovers, and created a gift selection from only €25. You can never go wrong with a perfect bouquet.

What would you say if you could buy one gift and receive two? Convenient, isn’t it? Well, with Jacob Time, you can go from idyllic to real in less than 2 minutes. That’s how much it takes to buy any jewelry from their online store. In return, you get free sterling earrings with any purchase.

Did you know that the first Valentine’s Day candy box was sold at the end of the 19th century? The idea of such decorations belonged to Richard Cadbury, the son of John Cadbury, the famous chocolate producer. You can continue this tradition with Cadbury Gifts Direct, the easiest way to gift Cadbury, that offers unique chocolate gifts from €2.

With Cashbackireland offering a gift it’s easy and cheap. All you need is love.

Perfect Chrismas gift ideas


Making the perfect gift is not easy. It always requires some effort and some knowledge about the person to whom you wish to offer it. So how can you not make mistakes, even if you are well intended?

In years of analyzing gift patterns for different occasions of the year, we managed to distinguish between great gift ideas and very poor choices. So, just to make it easier for you, we decided to reveal some mistakes that might turn gift giving for Christmas into a fail.

3. One of the most inadequate gifts, especially when the receiver is a lady, are kitchen tools or accessories. Even if you know that your mother, sister or wife is passionate about cooking, Christmas is the time of the year when one expects something personal, with an emotional significance. Pots, glasses, dishes and other household items are not appropriate, to say the least. 19th century is long gone and, as other wise men say, a woman’s place is in the kitchen, but with her feet up, drinking a glass of wine, watching her husband cook her a meal.

2. How many times have we thrown up the sponge and decided to give cash as a gift? Well, this impersonal and comfortable choice is questionable, as the person who receives it might think that you neglected him/her by not even trying to find something that he/she might like. Cash can be offered as such only when a person specifically states that she needs money to buy something.

1. And the Golden Raspberry Award for “most uninspired gift” goes to: socks, deodorants, soaps or shampoos. Despite their practicality, we don’t advise you to offer your loved ones socks or bodycare products. Such a gift can be interpreted as a hint that the person needs to take a shower or to make an appointment to the beauty salon.

Once you have excluded these “gift barbarities”, you can move on to some safe alternatives. Buy a gift for someone you love and you receive, in turn, a present from Cashbackireland in the shape of cashback rewards.

Christmas is about Santa Claus and who else enjoys more this period than children? Smyths displays a wide range of high quality baby products discounted with up to 20%. What is more, cashbackireland offers 3% cashback with every purchase.

Christmas dinner requires a nice outfit that matches the holy atmosphere. Debenhams lowered their prices for women’s occasion and evening wear with up to 50%. That perfect dress that the ladies dream of is right there, waiting for them.

Have you ever heard someone saying he or she hates jewelery? We neither! Argento found the perfect Christmas gift idea: a Michael Kors watch for the purchase of which you receive 20% off and also a cashback of 8% from cashbackireland.

Light in the box probably found Santa’s workshop and it is now giving out its presents. They offer a great discount of 90% on phones and tablets, so you better hurry to catch them!

Well, it doesn’t seem such a drudgery to find a gift for Christmas when you have a helpful friend, isn’t it? With cashbackireland you can bring Santa to your door without even writing him a letter.

Best Black Friday deals


Bargain hunters, keep you eyes peeled! November 27th is the day when all your wishes come true!

Do you remember that top-end TV or that designer jacket that you have been dreaming about all year? Well, at the end of November, your savings, substantial or not, may turn into saviors. Nowadays, Black Friday is perceived as an adult version of tooth fairy, but you might miss the magic if you let yourself distracted by the overwhelming number of great deals.

This year, cashbackireland is your guide to Black Friday shopping. Therefore, we selected for you some of the best offers that you should keep an eye out for.

Technology addicts, why don’t you do yourselves a favor and access PC World‘s site? They offer you a wide range of devices with great discounts. More choice. Less hassle.

Old habits die hard, unlike fashion trends. Those of us who derive pleasure from a nice outfit definitely understand this contradiction. So, if you are constantly looking to refresh your wardrobe, you can start saving when you are shopping. La Redoute is “all in” this Black Friday, offering 50% off everything. From clothing and shoes to accessories and homeware, even the picky ones will find something nice to wear on La Redoute site.

For the busy ones who don’t have time, nor patience to browse through dozens of sites at a time to buy what they need, don’t worry, we got you covered. Argos offers amazing deals on all product categories: electronics, clothing, health&personal care, jewellery, home&furniture, so you can skip the phrensy related to Black Friday.

Marks&Spencer is also dropping the prices with 50% off so that you can enjoy an unforgettable shopping experience, both online and in-store. You’d better hurry and catch their deals!

Beside the amazing discounts of our retailers, cashbackireland helps you increase your savings with every purchase you make. Black Friday is twice as attractive when you shop with us!

Halloween ideas


Straddling the line between fall and winter, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition. Halloween’s theme is spooky or scary things particularly involving death, black magic, or mythical monsters.
The ancient Celts tried to appease wicked spirits with sweets. The church later encouraged celebrants to go from house to house , asking for food in return for a prayer for the dead. This custom eventually became Halloween’s trick or treat. Halloween means sweets, decorations, costumes, but also a great experience.
Party bags and supplies is the place where you can shop for kid-friendly Halloween party decorations, scary outdoor Halloween decorations, and other accessories with up to 20% off and benefit of 5% cashback.
Witches, blood thirsty vampires, moaning ghosts, and many other frightening monsters became the popular choices of trick or theaters every where . If you are looking for a quick and inexpensive costume, it is quite usual to “create” a costume from basic everyday clothing. The idea is to make yourself look just the opposite of your usual style of dressing.
Because you want to create an unforgettable experience, a poster or a personalised card is the perfect way to keep alive that Halloween moment. Snapfish and Photobook are the place where you can find a great range of Halloween posters in all shapes and sizes, ready for customisation or you can buy them just as they are. Furthermore, Photobook offers 60% off on Halloween Personalised Cards and 10% cashback on every purchase.
If you prefer a special Halloween Party, 365 Tickets has the perfect solution. You can book a ticket to Disneyland Paris from €39.50 and earn 3% cashback.
So, whatever is your choice of celebrating this day, Cashbackireland has the perfect range for you to choose from, whether you are looking for decorations, a poster to keep alive your experience or just a travel ticket to your favourite Halloween destination.

Make your house a home


Holidays are over and so it is summer. It is time for everybody to return to work and resume their daily routine. Psychologists say that this transition period can cause minor depressive breakdowns as we move from a state of relative freedom to a stressed environment.

We begin experiencing a deja vu when we leave work and come back home to the same four walls and the same space that seems to lose personality as days go by. No matter what our jobs consist of, there is always a repetitive pattern in our daily activity and it is necessary to make a change from time to time.

In fact, a holiday is just the way in which we teach our body to take a break and function in a different manner. Even when we come back from a vacation, we can recreate those pleasant moments.

Upgrading your house décor is surprisingly effective and studies have shown that home design can change the way we relate to our surroundings and to ourselves.

The color we choose to paint the walls echoes one’s personality or aspirations. Red is the color of extroverted and competitive persons that get their priorities straight, yellow is the color of optimism and brown or beige is related to those who have a strong sense of responsibility. We all have blended personality features, so even if you consider yourself a calm person, maybe you should try to explore your other characteristics and go for a daring wallpaper. Houseology displays a wide range of wallpapers on their site with up to 60% discount on their designer brands.

Or maybe you are tired of seeing your old sofa every time you enter the room. Changing the central point of the room can refresh your entire house and give it a stylish touch. The Sofa Company offers high quality sofas with unique design at best price.

A tedious house is not very cheerful and it may become an unpleasant place to come from work at. You can yield big results by perking up your home with decorative accessories that suit your needs and personality. You can find creative ideas at that will help you transform your house in an inspiring place.

With Cashbackireland you can turn a basic house into a welcoming and intimate place called home.

Perfect Father’s Day gifts


Father’s Day is right around the corner and you still haven’t found the perfect gift for your dad? Don’t worry, cashbackireland is here to help you out with the best ideas to please the superhero of your own story.

A small present symbolizes the most precious things we have to give one another: attention, quality time and honest feelings. Out of all the persons around us, our parents are the ones that deserve the most to enjoy our love and consideration. The 21st of June is a day dedicated to all fathers and it is a great opportunity to thank them for all the support they gave us throughout our lives.

Therefore, expressing all your gratitude through a simple gift can turn into a grunt work and the clock is ticking. Cashbackireland rounded up for you a selection of items that will certainly put a smile on your father’s face.

He loves you, he gives you the best pieces of advice, he is always there when you are in trouble and that makes him the best father in the world. You want to show him how grateful you are to have him, but the tedious shirts you keep bringing him every year do not seem to be an inspired idea anymore. This year you can put your stake on accessories that he can easily match to his outfit. Moss Bros have great discounts on their wide range of unique accessories for this Father’s Day. You can choose a pair of personalized cufflinks and if you want to add an extra touch of style the cufflinks boxes are the best solution.

If your father is passionate about watches or he is simply committed to the classic style, a long-wearing gift from Watch Warehouse will remind him to appreciate every moment he has with his children. Besides Watch Warehouse’s unbeatable prices, you will also receive a free leather wallet with any purchase of over €170.

If your father’s tastes are hard to guess, you only need to have in mind his personality when browsing through hundreds of half priced fragrances that Debenhams is offering and you will definitely find a scent that catches your eye.

With Cashbackireland you can surprise your father with a suitable gift that will surely put a smile on his face. But there is something more important than that: Do not forget to spend this Father’s Day with your father! No matter how you choose to celebrate it, remember to show him all your consideration, love and appreciation. A gift doesn’t say much if not offered from the bottom of your heart.

Spring fashion


Winter is over and it’s finally beginning to look a lot like…summer! Meanwhile, we enjoy this wonderful transition stage called “spring” that brings us the hope of a more sunny days. Most of us think of spring as an opportunity for a new beginning, a time of change, when we can make a fresh start and forget about the chilly overcast days.
Spending more time outdoors boosts our moods and makes us more optimistic. Once spring starts, it is time to switch winter clothing to dresses, t-shirts and sandals. An upgrade of our wardrobe it’s almost a tradition and definitely a must in this time of the year. Moreover, professors out of the University of Michigan have concluded that shopping is an effective way to overcome sadness and melancholy. The study they conducted has proven that “sadness is strongly associated with a sense that situational forces control the outcomes in one’s life, and thus the choices inherent in shopping may restore personal control over one’s environment and reduce residual sadness”.

Thus, whether you are tired of your old sweaters or you really need some new jeans, Cashbackireland is here to help you out. We have scoped the best spring offers so that you can look effortlessly fashion this spring.
If you are thinking of getting yourself a new dress or a new office outfit, Precis Petite is offering savings of up to 50% this season. Their high quality products perfectly fit every woman’s style.
Each of us is special and our body is the one that makes us feel unique. Wall Luxury Essentials, with 50% off their collection, is the place where designers thought of our individual shape and created clothing items that could flatter every one of their customers.
According to Miss Guided, what this world needs is peace, love and fashion. They are bringing peace with 60% off their brands, encouraging everyone to love fashion. Create your own style and contribute to making your fashion world a better place.

There are many more offers awaiting for your so do not miss out this Spring Sale! Cashbackireland gathered the best offers for you to look great and be in touch with the latest trends at affordable prices.

Mothering Day offers


Mothering Day is approaching – you have neither gifts nor gift ideas and you are now convinced that it is not only the intention that counts? Well, this probably means that you’re now struggling to find the perfect gift for your beloved mother but it seems you’re up the creek without a paddle.
Before diving into the enormous ocean of gift choices, maybe you should take a glimpse at what Mothering Day is all about and rediscover the simplicity of its meaning. The tradition of honoring those who gave birth to us goes back to the late Middle Ages. The Mothering Day always falls on the fourth Sunday after Ash Wednesday, during the period of Lent. During the sixteenth century, it was an opportunity for everyone to return to their “mother church”, namely their hometown church. Mothering Day was a perfect occasion for important family gatherings. Servants – mostly girls – were given days off to spend some time with their mothers. In their way home, they would pick up wild flowers to offer to their mothers.
Even though times have changed and the reasons behind this celebration were long forgotten, we still celebrate Mothering Day with the same joy. We are sure that many of you are thinking how to make their mothers feel special on this day, what wonderful gift to offer her or how to show her how much they love and appreciate her for everything she did for them. You will find below a list of fail-safe ideas that will get you on the right track when buying a gift.
Be it your mother or your grandmother, women will always appreciate flowers when offered by someone they love. Show your affection, gratitude or love with a carefully selected bunch of flowers that you can find in a wide range at Iflorist. Aside from their excellent prices, you will receive free personalized greeting cards with all flower and plant orders.
It is well known that diamonds are a woman’s best friend. The Jewel Hut helps you pamper your mother on this special day with one of the finest jewels, at affordable prices. This way she will always have a precious item reminding her how important is to you.
If none of the above gifts won’t ward off the worries and the tension from your mother’s face, then you should offer her a relaxing day at the spa. Spabreaks boasts a wide array of health and beauty treatments that will make your mother forget about the pressures of everyday life.
Mothering Day is not about sophisticated things, it’s about the most common yet amazing love feeling: maternal bond. So, keep the things simple, show your mother she means the world to you with a gift she will always remember.

Best trip around Europe!


Vacations play a very important role in maintaining and improving both the physical and the mental health of an individual. Scientists performed various tests to demonstrate the beneficial effects of vacations and they concluded that vacations diminish stress levels, which are the main factor for heart diseases and obesity. Furthermore, trips help people regenerate and fill with positive energy for a long period, increasing their life quality by removing depression, fatigue and tensioned moments.

Trips promote creativity, helping us reconnect with ourselves and make new acquaintances. The memories we get during our vacation contribute intensely to our well-being and health. knows the importance of holidays, launching a new promotion accessible to everyone. They are currently offering a fantastic 2 weeks trip across Europe (from London through Spain, France, Italy, Greece, Turkey and making a final stop in Georgia) at a fantastic price. Throughout the adventure the team will be taking photos and fun videos to share on Facebook and Twitter, updating the blog and sharing travel tips and insight into best hotels for last minute stays. Don’t miss out this great opportunity!